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Bringing Coordination, Experience,  

& Expertise to the Construction Team. 

Shop Drawings indicating wall priorities to highlight and prevent potential conflicts with fire, acoustical and thermal envelopes. 

Fast, accurate work meeting critical path milestones.

Full service accounting department with extensive experience with Davis-Bacon wage rate projects, certified payrolls and owner Direct Purchase Orders (DPO) for tax savings.

D&D uses products Made in the USA and puts a strong emphasis on buying from local suppliers to help the local economy.

Implement processes, procedures and utilize products to meet all LEED certifications levels.

Decades of experience yields valuable knowledge regarding owners expectations and requirements. Utilizing this knowledge during the design phase ensures budgets are met, designs are complete and provides the owner with more value for their dollar.

What you can expect from us

1409 Forsythe Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405 | Phone 561.433.9515 | Fax 561.640.5842

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